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Trinity demo 2001 (01, CD)
Trinity (three out of five of them) - I believe these three are Segesdy Márton (vocal,keyboard), Balogh Zoltán (bass) and Kun Krisztián (drums). Other band members not pictured are: Koppány Ferenc (guitar) and Róna Zsófia (flute)

Trinity is a five-piece band from Hungary. One listen to their demo and you can tell who their main idols must be; these tunes sound an awful lot like Trespass-era Genesis. That's true both melodically and due to the murky studio sound. Except, of course, that the vocals are in Hungarian. I would complain about the quality of the recording, but to tell the truth, it goes very well with the old Genesis style music. I actually hope they don't clean up their studio techniques too much as they continue to make recordings. Maybe just a little more clarity on the drums, which seem to sometimes get lost in the murk.

Trinity does not have a real album release yet, but they do have a three-song demo which you can order or download from (click on logo above). I've enjoyed listening to these immensely. Check them out for yourself! -- Fred Trafton


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